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Welcome to VIPsibling.com where parents and caregivers will find resources available online and by mail to help you support your VIP sibling.

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VIP siblings are siblings who have a brother or sister with a rare epilepsy. They are often unselfish, dedicated, and they are able to see past the challenges, exhibiting understanding and compassion beyond their years.

But they need our support.

That’s why we collaborated with 10 dedicated patient organizations of the rare epilepsy community to create three very special kits, useful forms, digital downloads, and much more. Jump in and start exploring or scroll down to learn more about the VIP Sibling Project.

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The VIP Sibling Project

Thank you to the 10 patient organizations who generously volunteered their time, expertise and ideas to the VIP Sibling Project.

Read more about our incredible journey together.

When our son was diagnosed with a rare epilepsy, his three older brothers were greatly impacted. I searched for resources and support for them, but the local sibling events were difficult to fit into our schedule. The VIP kit is JUST what I needed: Information for me to better understand the disease and impact on the family, as well as tools to allow my children to process on their own.a rare epilepsy parent